Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Most Popular Camera In The World and Professional Camera

Know About The Most Sophisticated and Fashionable Camera In The World-

If you look at this strictly from the number of photos taken, the iPhone wins the distinction of being the most popular camera in the world. You can see it on Flickr for instance, or at any number of other photo sharing sites. The iPhone is downright ubiquitous! More people upload pictures from iPhones than any other camera.

The PowerShot SD4000 IS is one of the most impressive compact cameras we've tested, offering image quality and lens capabilities we're used to seeing on professional cameras.

There are more than 7000 photo apps written for the iPhone. There are hundreds of books dedicated to the iPhone. There are thousands of websites, podcasts and blogs dedicated to the iPhone. Since June, more iPhone photos were posted on Flickr than were posted from the Nikon D90 – the perennial Flickr favorite.

Pocket able cameras are easy to use, and a great choice for the casual photographer. From ultra compact point-and-shoots to slightly larger models with manual controls, here are the top pocket-size cameras we've tested this year.

The most amazing features of iPhone 4S include Siri and its amazing 8MP camera. And even it’s not about the mega pixel but it's all about the optics and iPhone 4S has the best optics as compared to any camera Phone. You must be surprised that according to the Flicker Charts, iPhone 4S has become second most popular camera Phone on Flicker beating iPhone 3G,3Gs and HTC Evo 3D.

No doubt, iPhone 4S has better camera than the iPhone 4 but it still lags in popularity than iPhone 4 because it’s been more than a year that iPhone 4 is in the market. We have already posted that iPhone 4 is not only the most popular camera Phone but also the most popular camera used on Flicker community.

Though smartphone are getting smaller and thinner, its camera quality has be getting better day by day. Guys over at Geekaphone have charted the rise of the iPhone to become the world’s most popular camera in the below infographic – You may be surprised with some stats.

Playing with and working out the lighting well before your model arrives.Chris Strong, a Chicago pro, spent a full day p relighting this portrait of his daughter, just as he does for his commercial assignments. “A prelight day comes into play when you’re working on a shoot that requires exacting light. You rough in your strobes to assure yourself that everything will go smoothly when real shooting starts.

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