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Fashionable Dresses In 2011-12 & Wedding Dress Collection-

Different Season Dresses and Wedding Dress Collection-

The first thing that comes to mind when describing hot Faviana dresses for 2011 is celebrity-inspired runway fashion. For over twenty years, Faviana has been designing and manufacturing some of the most desired dresses for all occasions, ranging from chic cocktail garments to the classiest prom gowns.

Faviana dresses are high-quality, sophisticated, and glamorous; they are designed for the catwalk but made for long-lasting comfort on your special day, whether it is a semi-formal party or your senior prom.

The inspiration behind the beautifully-crafted special occasion dresses predominantly comes from European fashion runways, New York fashion, movies, celebrities, and popular culture. Faviana provides the everyday modern woman with the latest trends and the most fabulous designs that mirror celebrity style at its finest. The brand is known for its success in capturing Hollywood's upscale fashion personality and super chic essence.

The top categories of formal wear that Faviana offers include:
• short and cocktail dresses
• homecoming designs
• prom gowns
• bridal dresses.

By providing a broad range of lengths, fabrics, and styles of dresses, Faviana offers a complete package to suit your special occasion needs.

An Unforgettable Homecoming
Homecoming is one of the most anticipated events of the year for every teenage girl and she will be pleased to choose from an assortment of gowns, from modern, shorter dresses to long evening gowns. One of our top picks is the red Oscar-inspired chiffon dress that features various skirt slits and a heart-shaped neckline.
The Perfect Prom

This prom season, the top trends are all about Hollywood-inspired looks and red carpet flair. Faviana has all of the latest, most fashionable styles that will make you look like a queen from head to toe. 

The most popular styles for this prom season consist of various colors and silhouettes of beaded chiffon. Our favorite design is a Jennifer Aniston Golden Globe inspired long black gown.

Beautiful Bridal Designs-

Faviana also offers the classiest dresses for today's modern brides and her bridesmaids. From wedding gowns to sleek and chic bridesmaid dresses, there are endless options available for you on your big day. Whether you are opting for a classic, traditional theme or a more informal but modern look, there are literally countless designs for the bride and her party.

Faviana is one of the hottest brands of formal and evening dresses today and has continued to allure us with some of the most stunning designs of the decade. By maintaining a perfect balance between classic beauty and celebrity style, this is the ideal formal dress provider for today's modern young woman.

In fall winter 2010 2011, Versus emphasis is on young partywear, though Kane’s keen to point out there are elements that are (just a shade) more casual. As he showed off the approachable young simplicity of a circle skirt—worn with a T-shirt, fluffy angora cardigan, and a pair of lace-up biker boots with silver metal-grille toe caps—his boss threw a sidelong glance and flinched congenially at the sight of the flat heels, and sighed, “Oh, don’t show me them again.”

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We all want to look fashionable but this is impossible without knowing modern tendencies in the fashion world. Some of the Spring/ Summer 2010 trends will be out and some will still be hot. And a few absolutely new trends will shatter the glamorous world soon.

So, the Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 trends are the following:
Sexy turtlenecks. Although the turtleneck seems to be one of the clothing items that simply cannot be sexy we say that sexy turtleneck is a hot trend for Autumn/ Winter 2010/ 2011 season. Everything depends on how you wear it. Try to mix colors and add some funky accessories to your look and the turtleneck will change from the very dull to a stylish piece.
High collars. These aren’t only fashionable, they are very practical as well. In addition to making you look modern high collar will keep you warm from cold winter winds.

Maxi dresses. Femininity will always be fashionable. So, dear ladies, if you feel the need to look womanly, maxi dress will be the perfect option. Lots of styles of maxi dresses will help you choose something that will fit your figure ideally.
Military. As a huge contrast to the lattest trend comes the military style that is getting more and more popular with women all over the world. Even Gisele Bundchen wore military for the photo shoot for Vogue, isn’t that a good reason to try this trend?
Patchwork. To wear patchwork you have to be creative because if you put too many accessories on you’ll definitely overdo, but if don’t put any something will be missing. What is great about patchwork is that you’ll never be one of a crowd, you have millions of ways to stand out.
Poncho. This trend will require great fashion skill from you. Poncho is not an ordinary item, so being able to complete the outfit with it successfully is not easy. Be creative and it will work!
Quilting. Winter is cold and the warmer garments you wear the better. Quilting technique is always used for making coats because it provides warmth to the wearer. And It looks great, too!
Thigh-high boots. These boots have become a favorite with many women. They look sexy and feel comfortable. To add to this, they provide a great coverage to the leg that is essential for winter time. So, it’s still a trend and you have one more season to rock your best pair!

Wide pants. Lots of wide pants were presented at fashion shows this spring. Some were simple and monotone while others were full of color and sparkle. So, it’s up to you to choose what’s closer to your wardrobe.

The Formal Spring Dress-

Oscar de la Renta brought back the little black dress with a twist in his Spring 2009 collection.  Using a combination of black and white created some stunning designs to die for.  This will look great for evening wear and on special occasions.

Trends for bridal gowns show shirred and ruched fabrics (Betsey Johnson)  - making a real statement.  Designers like Y3 brought in simple looks in sheer fabrics that are perfect for the modern bride , but designed to take your breath away.

In her latest bridal fashion collection, Vera Wang managed to combine the traditional look with ultra modern with use of bows and accessories, floral trains and fabulous fabrics.

Wedding Dress Collection-

September 26th, 2010 | Posted in Wedding Dresses
Many famous designers had designed a lot of wedding dress collections and one of them – wedding dress collection was regarded as the classic and pop synonym.

Wedding Dress Collection

In recent years, the main style of wedding dress’s upper body is strapless and exaggerated full-length skirt, which will give a sexy and elegant impression on public. Whether the classic type or fashionable type will make every woman become distinctive at the wedding day not only because the wedding dresses collection
including skirt dress, royal color style bridal veil and a sense of sweet elegant princess style wedding dress, but also the favourite bridal veil meet most bride’s need. With the time pass by, every year’s theme and feature of bridal veil is different.

Thus, many brides have more choices of wedding dresses collection in 2010, which could not only express their lovely taste but also show the insight about fashionable trend. As usual, when a bride chooses a wedding dress, she will meet many detailed problems. So we will offer a list, which included information about collection wedding dress

If the bride can find her favourite, we can also supply the precious dress that is chosen by several stars before. Because the wedding dress collection has the hottest features, we called this series as signature collection wedding dress.

Pakistani Fashion Dresses 2011-

Fashion and clothing have ostensibly been, and still are, the exclusive domain of women. Fashion and haute couture are synonymous, at least in Pakistan, with women. In the Western world, though, men did not spend all that much on clothing till the December of 2001, who unlike their counterparts in Pakistan, were very much fashion savvy. Even in the 16th century men were very conscious of what they wore. Clothes even then were a statement, not necessarily a fashion statement, but a statement nevertheless. The aristocratic class distinguished itself from the common class through their clothes, shoes, hairstyles, and mannerism.

Pakistani men, on the other hand, have been less conscious of their clothes until the media blitz. It was something which men till recently did not take an active interest in. Men throughout time have worn basically the same traditional outfit – the awami suit or the shalwar-kameez as it is popularly known. Gone are the days of being patriotic!

Teenagers Vs. Fashion Trends-

If we walk out of the house, we will definitely find a young child or teen with its varied makeup. Unconsciously we too are also doing a judgment of the people who ran in front of us, based on the outfit he/she was wearing, the type of phone he was carrying, haircut, or even the perfume he/she used.

Teenagers have a lot of ways to hunt attention. Some of these are performed with the eccentric, to be different from the others. They began to look odd with the rare appearance of some controversy. Parents are so worried because of what is shown is considered deviated from the traditional oriental. Skimpy clothing for young women all-round well-liked.

Teens love to look odd, it is often asked when observing their appearance in some public places.


The unusual can be seen from the way they dress and physical routine. Who commented this is the way teenagers look for attention to show who he/she is.  


Fashions are regularly changing from time to time. And it seems, many teens who feel less slang if it does not follow fashion trends. Surely one should not follow the trend of cutting-edge fashionable dress. But, teens should also take into consideration the norms existing in the vicinity.

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