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The Most Popular Soccer Players International Career

The Ten Best Soccer Players in The World  and Their Glorious Achievement-


Since 1982 World Soccer has also organised "Player of the Year", "Manager of the Year", and "Team of the Year" awards. In 2005 awards for the best "Young Player of the Year" and "Referee of the Year" were also introduced. In the December 1999 issue of World Soccer, a readers' poll listing the 100 greatest football players of the 20th century was published.

The magazine is marking it's 50th anniversary in 2010 with a series of articles looking back on the past 50 years in international soccer.

Just a recap of the some of the best and most talented soccer players in the world. There are so many talented players, but these are no doubt some of the best. There is no particular order.

Here are some of the best of the best, the cream of the crop, and the most dazzling stars to play the beautiful game that we here in the States call soccer! Enjoy!

Players' All-time ranking

Player Wins
1 Brazil Ronaldo 3
2 France Michel Platini 2
2 Netherlands Ruud Gullit 2
2 Netherlands Marco van Basten 2
2 Brazil Ronaldinho 2
6 Italy Paolo Rossi 1
6 Brazil Zico 1
6 Argentina Diego Maradona 1
6 Germany Lothar Matthäus 1
6 France Jean-Pierre Papin 1
6 Italy Roberto Baggio 1
6 Italy Paolo Maldini 1
6 Italy Gianluca Vialli 1
6 France Zinedine Zidane 1
6 Brazil Rivaldo 1
6 Portugal Luís Figo 1
6 England Michael Owen 1
6 Czech Republic Pavel Nedvěd 1
6 Italy Fabio Cannavaro 1
6 Brazil Kaká 1
6 Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo 1
6 Argentina Lionel Messi 1

            By country

Country Wins
1  Brazil 8
2  Italy 5
3  France 4
4  Netherlands 4
5  Portugal 2
6  Argentina 2
7  Germany 1
8  Czech Republic 1
9  England 1

Lionel Messi-

Lionel Messi is definitely one of the best soccer players in the world.  His national team is Argentina while he plays for FC Barcelona as his club team.  It is no doubt that Messi is one of the most talented and most skillful performers on the planet.

Messi was the UEFA Champions League top scorer in 08-09.  Lionel Messi mesmerizes defenders and makes goalies look useless.  He is definitely one of the ten best players in the world.
Arguably the greatest soccer player in the world, Messi is right up there with Portugal’s Ronaldo and perhaps even a cut above.

This guy is one of the fastest soccer players I’ve ever seen, and without a doubt one of the best finishers. This guy may not have the prettiest moves, but he gets the job done.

He plays Forward, and is the best in the world at that position. He won the top award in soccer, FIFA World Player of the Year, in 2009 and has won Argentina’s Player of the Year and is likely to earn more.
Messi currently plays for Barcelona, and is bound to earn many more rewards, as he is only 22 years old.

Cristiano Ronaldo-

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Madrid savior, now has the pressure of the Madrid citizens after being transferred from Manchester United to Real Madrid.  With this picture (above) outlining the entire Madrid Metro, Cristiano Ronaldo has the whole city of Madrid on his shoulders.

Whether it’s him capturing the women with his looks, or capturing the hearts of the Portuguese with his flawless goals, or capturing the hate of his enemies when he blows by them, Ronaldo is at the top of the soccer world, right up there with Argentina’s Lionel Messi.
Ronaldo is also a pop-star as well, as he has dated numerous women, including the infamous Kim Kardashian!

This electrifying player who tallied 42 goals in the 07-08 season now looks to help Madrid defeat their rival
Barcelona in route to try to win a title in 09-10.  This Portuguese phenom deserves to be in the top ten.
Ronaldo has played for the world’s top teams, and is currently playing for Real Madrid, along with Kaka and many others. He won FIFA World Player of the Year in 2008 and numerous other awards, and should continue to be at the top of the stage for a while, as he is only 25 years old.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic-

This Swede recently made headlines by joining the already powerhouse Barcelona.  He was transferred from Serie A team of Inter Milan.  Ibrahimovic has the ability to change the game in one blink of the eye.

The dynamic forward will benefit Barcelona as he looks to team up with Henry and Messi.  Ibra’s 25 goals saw him take home the coveted Capocannoniere for the first time in his career.

Steven Gerrard-

The Liverpool Captain, Steven Gerrard, has all the talent in the world.  This Englishman has the ability to control a game and to thread the needle.

“Stevie G” has many different awards that only support his case to be on this list.  He was the FWA Player of the Year, PFA Fans’ Player of the Year, PFA Team of the Year, and March’s Premier League Player of the Month, enough said.

Samuel Eto’o-

Samuel Eto’o was Ibrahimovic’s counterpart in the Inter, Barcelona transfer deal.  Inter Milan definitely didn’t get the big shaft in this deal.  It is debatable that Ibrahimovic is better than Eto’o or vice versa, but either way both of these players are very talented and dynamic.

Eto’o is the greatest African player ever.
Period. No other arguments can be made.

He might go down as one of the greatest forwards ever as well, as he has the most goals ever for an African and had over 100 goals in 5 seasons with Barcelona! Amazing!
He currently plays for Internazionale and is the captain of Cameroon’s national soccer team. Without a doubt he is the best player on both teams, and this guy has been around, so the respect for him is high.

This Cameroon native has a tendency to run his mouth, but his performance is enough to back it up.  It be may be debatable whether he belongs in the top ten, but nevertheless he has great skill.
He might not have won a FIFA Player of the Year Award, but he is Cameroon’s all-time scorer, Africa Cup of Nations’ all-time scorer, La Liga’s Top Scorer in 2006, and he’s going to be around for a bit more, as he is still only 29!


Kaka was another big signing from Real Madrid’s spending spree this summer.  Kaka definitely makes Real Madrid a contender especially with the addition of his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.  This talented Brazilian transferred from AC Milan to Real Madrid in hopes of contending for a Champions League Title.

Knows as Kaka, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite is without a doubt one of the greatest Brasilian players to ever play the game.

For many of you who know Ronaldinho, this guy can be mentioned in the same breath, as Kaka is tricky, flashy and a great leader on any team.

This midfielder has an argument to be in the top ten with his list of awards.  Some of his individual awards include: 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Ball, 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup Best XI, and Time 100 Most Influential People In The World 2009.

He won the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2007, and at 28 he still has numerous great years in his peaking career.
He currently plays for Real Madrid, and plays midfielder for both Brasil and Real Madrid. The thing about Kaka that makes him special is that he carries himself as a leader and a veteran and everyone respects him.

Wayne Rooney (England)

wayne-rooney-englandWayne Rooney is one of the most feared English players of all-time, right there with David Beckham. He is one of the best strikers who ever lived.
When he’s on the field, this guy has a presence that puts other players into “fear” mode. Rooney has made numerous shots throughout his career that have leftmany dumbstruck.

Though he has never won the FIFA World Player of the Year, he has won numerous others such as the England Player of the Year twice, the PFA Fans Player of the Year numerous times, the FWA Footballer of the Year and many others.
Rooney is without a doubt at the top, and is bound to show more, at the ripe age of 24.

He currently plays for Manchester United, and plays forward for both Manchester Utd. and for his national team of England.


Xavi Hernadez is not the fastest player in the world, nor does he have the best foot skills.  This center midfielder is definitely one of the best players in the world.  He is one of the best creators in the game.  Xavi orchestrates Barcelona’s every move.  The team moves through this talented player.

 This native Spain player was the top assist provider in La Liga as well as the top assist provider in Champions League.  Is there a better assist man out there?

Andres Iniesta-

Andres Iniesta, was possibly one the most underrated players out there.  Now the 25 year old, with his breakout season, has represented Spain at every age.

 This humble superstar has never had the publicity or popularity as other players out there, but he lets his talent speak for itself.  Along with his other teammates, Iniesta’s stunning performances have shinned out throughout the past year. 

Frank Lampard-

Frank Lampard, the Chelsea superstar, is placed on this list for a number of reasons.  The midfielder has been one of the most consistent players in the past years.  Lampard has continued to dazzle in front of goal, as well as in the middle of the field, where he has cut defences open with accurate passes struck over unthinkable distances.

Being Chelsea’s 2009 Player of the Year is definitely an impressive award.  Chelsea is loaded with talent and is always considered a high contender. 

Fernando Torres-

 Fernando Torres is a terrific striker.  He originates from Spain and plays for Liverpool with Stevie G. 
With excellent control, great technique, unreal awareness, and great balance, Torres is one of the top center forwards in the world.  This player has the ability to take over a single game within seconds. 

Torres currently plays for Liverpool and the Spanish national team as forward. With the nickname, “El Nino” (the kid), Torres shows little of a child, as he is one of the savviest guys on the field, day in and day out.
He hasn’t won the top individual award in soccer, but does have some others, such as the Premier Player of the Month for Feb.2008 and Sept.2009, and has had Goal of the Month twice, and at the age of 26, Torres is only blossoming now.

 Fernando Torres is without a doubt, one of the flashiest players in this game. Speed, power and striking ability…all of which a great player needs, Torres possesses.

Either hated by many, or loved by many, Torres is the type of player who you love to have on your team, or the guy that you absolutely fear when he’s closing in on your goalie.

*This list is not exact and there are many other players that qualify for this list.

Best Soccer Player in The World Ever-

When you have a dream which you want to see come true at any cost, you chase it no matter what. Such are the stories of all the below mentioned soccer players, who even after being the best soccer player in the world, strive to be better. Find out some such mentions of the
top soccer players and pick your favorites from the following great names.
Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento)-

Pele is a legend of the beautiful game who worked very hard to bag the position of being the number one soccer player in the world. He was 17 years old when he scored 6 goals in the 1958 World Cup and won his team, Brazil its first title. He started playing at the age of 15 and played for the Santos club for quite some time. He played on the international grounds at the age of 16 and became the star of soccer at the 1958 World Cup. One of the most famous soccer players from Brazil, Pele too suffered his share of injuries and breakdowns, but made a glorious comeback to win his team another World Cup in 1970.
Diego Maradona-

He played for Argentina, and is one of the greatest soccer player the world has ever witnessed. Diego led his team to wining the 1986 World Cup title, which earned him the World Player of the Year award. His talents knew no bounds as he started at the age of 15 and scored amazing 43 goals in 45 matches five seasons, while playing for Argentinos Juniors. He stepped into the international team, at 16 but later played in the World Cup. Though Diego Maradona was known to be one of those controversial footballers with drug abuse and scandals following him, he will always be remembered for his single handed victory in the 1986 World Cup against the English. You may also like to take a look at some famous soccer players from Argentina.
Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima-

Best known as simply Ronaldo, this soccer player was once known to be the best soccer player in the world who was born in the slums of Rio in September 1976. Ronaldo made his early debut with the nation team of Brazil and was known to be the most talented dribblers in the history of soccer. When he started playing, before he was 20, he made his team proud by helping them bag the second place in their 1998 first division title. He was then picked up by FC Barcelona and later by Inter, where he was severely injured. His 2002 comeback with Real Madrid was a great surprise for all his fans and they truly enjoyed to see him play.
Zinedine Zidane-

Born in Marseilles, France, Zinedine Zidane got recruited at the age of 16 by the Cannes club for his extraordinary soccer talents. He was then transferred to Bordeaux, where he made his mark in Europe. He was then picked up by the Italian giant Juventus. He played as a dominating midfielder for Real Madrid and won a record $66 million contract. Zinedine then played for the French national squad and won the biggest tournaments in soccer the 1998 World Cup and the 2000 European Championship. He too was known as one of the best soccer player in the world.

source-Fantasy players

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