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FIBA women's Basketball world championship-2010

Czechs Host 2010 FIBA Women's Basketball World Championship

Australian basketball women's team players celebrate after defeating Russia to win the FIBA World Championship for 2006. (Antonio Scorza/AFP/Getty Images)
BRNO, Czech Republic—The Women's Basketball World Championship is held only once every four years. The tournament runs from Sept. 23 to Oct. 3. in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic.

The best national teams of the world will play preliminary rounds and one-eighth final parts in Brno and the playoff will be played in the famous Czech spa town of Carlsbad.

Shortcut Through History-

The first tournament was held in Chile in 1953, and the most recent one was held four years ago in Brazil. This year's championship is the 16th and is coming back to Czech Republic after a 43-year absence; back then, it was held in Prague, Czechoslovakia's capital city.

The U.S. team is the most successful with seven championship titles till now. Russia, including medals won as part of the Soviet Union, is in second place with six gold medals. While these two countries are dominating, Australia won the last event in 2006. Brazil was the only other country to win (1994).

Tournament Format-

The 16 teams participating are split into four preliminary groups. After playing a round robin in the preliminary group, the three best teams from each group are going to one-eighth final (three best teams from Group A group and three best teams from B group will ascend to the one-eighth final Group E while the three best teams from Group C group and the three best teams from Group D will ascend to the one-eighth final Group F.

Within the one-eighth final Groups E and F, each team will play three games against teams from paired preliminary group. (For example, a team, which proceeded from Group A to Group E will play against all three teams in Group E that came from Group B). The six best teams from one-eighth final groups will proceed to the playoffs (knock out rounds).


The knock out matches will follow the typical single elimination format beginning with the quarterfinal stage, leading to semifinals, and the final.


Only two teams directly qualify for the championship—the host nation Czech Republic and defending champion Australia. The remaining 14 teams have guaranteed their participation through continental championship qualifications. Representing Africa are Mali and Senegal; Japan, China, and Korea represent Asia; the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina from the Americas zone; France, Spain, Greece, and Belarus from Europe.

Group A

Canada – FIBA rank: 12; 2 bronze medals (1979, 1986)
Belarus – FIBA rank: 16; first participation in World Cup
China – FIBA rank 7; silver in 1994, winner of Asia Championship 2009
Australia – FIBA rank 3; gold in 2006

Group B

Senegal – FIBA rank 22; winner of Africa Championship 2009
Greece – FIBA rank 18; first participation in World Cup
U.S. – FIBA rank 1; seven-time champion
France – FIBA rank 8; 1 bronze medal (1953)

Group C

Mali – FIBA rank 23; first participation in World Cup
Korea – FIBA rank 9; 2 silver medals (1967, 1979)
Brazil – FIBA rank 4; gold in1994, bronze in 1971
Spain – FIBA rank 5;

Group D

Japan – FIBA rank 14; silver medal (1975)
Czech Republic – FIBA rank 6; 6 medals as Czechoslovakia
Argentina – FIBA rank 10; silver in America Championship 2009
Russia – FIBA rank 2; 11 medals (including as USSR)
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