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Know About Miss World-2010 and It's History

Miss World 2010 and Their Performance History-

Miss Universe 2010: Meet the contestants in photos, check out the last 25 winners of the beauty pageant and the American ones.

MEXICO- Ximena Navarette VENEZUELA- Marelisa Gibson COLOMBIA- Natalia Navarro PHILIPPINES- Maria Venus Raj.

Miss World 2010
Crown of Beauty Theater.jpg
Crown Convention Center in Sanya, China
Host of Miss World 2010
Date October 30, 2010
Venue Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, People's Republic of China
Entrants 115
Placements 25
Withdraws Austria, Dominican Republic, Liberia, Slovenia, Swaziland
Returns Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Lesotho, Macau China, Malawi, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, United States Virgin Islands
Miss World 2010, the 60th Miss World pageant, will be held on October 30, 2010, in Sanya, People's Republic of China; after Vietnam backed out of the hosting contract. Kaiane Aldorino of Gibraltar will crown her successor at the end of the event.


 Vietnam Backed Out-

On June 8, 2009, Mr.Hoang Kieu (RAAS Chairman) and Mrs. Morley publicly agreed on the Nha Trang site but four months later, it was found that Hoang Kieu appeared in Thoi Son Ecological Tourism to oversee constructions of facilities and many ad banners were up. According to a manager of the Tien Giang Tourism JS Company, RAAS bought 31 hectares there in total to build a tourism site for Miss World 2010 leading to publicly debating about some heritages and national ecological preserves devastated, and about highly raising the land price, people living there had to move out.

On January 28, 2010, RAAS faxed to Khanh Hoa People’s Committee office to announce that they were no longer organizing without no official explanation. Khanh Hoa Province showed the interest to host continually and found new sponsors. However, in case of another province assigned to host, RAAS will return as the main sponsor. On Feb 03, after being assigned to host, Khanh Hoa begged off immediately and offered its backing to Tien Giang province or anywhere else because of hosting Miss Earth and the second Miss World Vietnam. RASS also confirmed that Miss World would be back to Mỹ Tho, Tien Giang Province later in 2011 or 2012.

On February 5, 2010, it was announced that Khanh Hoa withdrew as host of Miss World 2010 due to RAAS’s inconsistent attitudes in organizing the pageant, the province’s leaders had assigned its enterprises to approach and campaign for hosting the Miss Earth 2010 and the second Miss World Vietnam pageants in Nha Trang instead of the Miss World contest.

Finally on April 2, 2010 Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan has approved a proposal by the host province Khanh Hoa to back out of hosting the Miss World 2010 contest.

Although Miss World 2010 will be held in China, Mr. Hoang Kieu(RAAS) will be in charge of the whole finance of Miss World 2010 in China.



Final result Contestant
Top 25 Semifinalists
  •  Ireland - Emma Britt Waldron
  •  Northern Ireland - Lori Moor
  •  Norway - Mariann Birkedal
  •  Puerto Rico - Yara Lasanta

 Fast Track Events-

 Beach Beauty-

Miss World Beach Beauty was held at Mandarin Oriental, Sanya on October 19, 2010.
Final result Contestant
  •  Puerto Rico - Yara Lasanta
1st Runner-up
  •  United States - Alexandria Mills
2nd Runner-up
  •  Norway - Mariann Birkedal
3rd Runner-up
  •  China PR - Xiao Tang
4th Runner-up
  •  French Polynesia - Mihilani Teixeira
Top 20
  •  Australia - Ashleigh Francis
  •  Bosnia & Herzegovina - Snežana Prorok
  •  Botswana - Emma Wareus
  •  Czech Republic - Veronika Machová
  •  France - Virginie Dechenaud
  •  Ghana - Mimi Areme
  •  Hungary - Jennifer Kalo
  •  India - Manasvi Mamgai
  •  Israel - Shavit Vizel
  •  Martinique - Tully Fremcourt
  •  Netherlands - Desirée van den Berg
  •  Paraguay - Egni Eckert
  •  Scotland - Nicola Mimnagh
  •  Thailand - Yuwaret Sirirat Rueangsri
  •  Zimbabwe - Samantha Tshuma


Miss World Sports was held at Sheraton Sanya Resort on October 22, 2010.
Final result Contestant
  •  Northern Ireland - Lori Moore
1st Runner-up
  •  Slovakia - Marína Georgievová
2nd Runner-up
  •  Norway - Mariann Birkedal

Top Model

Miss World Top Model was held at Crowne Plaza Sanya on October 23, 2010.
Final result Contestant
  •  Norway - Mariann Birkedal
1st Runner-up
  •  Russia - Irina Sharipova
2nd Runner-up
  •  United States - Alexandria Mills


Miss World Talent was held on October 26, 2010.
Final result Contestant
  •  Ireland - Emma Britt Waldron
1st runner-up
  •  Wales - Courtenay Hamilton
2nd runner-up
  •  Guadeloupe - Ericka Aly
Top 10
  •  Australia - Ashleigh Francis
  •  Belarus - Lyudmila Yakimovich
  •  Canada - Denise Garrido
  •  Cyprus - Andrea Kkolou
  •  Korea - Kim Hye-young
  •  Malta - Francesca Gaspar
  •  St. Lucia - Aiasha Gustave
  •  Venezuela - Adriana Vasini

Beauty with a Purpose

The four projects selected for the final of Beauty with Purpose, was published by Julia Morley on 26 October, the award will be presented live on the final night of competition, and the candidate automatically becomes one of 25 semifinalists.
Semifinalist Contestant
Top 4
  •  India - Manasvi Mamgai - "Society of Financial Aid for Orphans with HIV"
  •  Mexico - Anabel Solis - "S.O.S.transtornosalimenticios.com"
  •  Uganda - Heyzme Nansubuga - "Breastfeeding, Love and Life; in conjunction with UNICEF"
  •  Venezuela - Adriana Vasini - "Salas de Visión y Magia"

 Special Award-

Best World Dress Designer-

Miss World Dress Designer took place on October 23, 2010. The event was held together with the Top Model Final.
Final result Contestant
  •  French Polynesia - Mihilani Teixeira


Country↓ Contestant↓ Age↓ Height↓ Hometown↓
 Albania Arnita Beqiraj 18 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Vlorë
 Angola Ivanita Jones 23 1.76 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Zaire
 Argentina Mariana Arambarry 22 1.77 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Ingeniero Luiggi
 Aruba Kimberly Kuiperi 21 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) Tanki Leendert
 Australia Ashleigh Francis 23 1.69 m (5 ft 6 12 in) Sydney
 Bahamas Braneka Bassett 20 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Freeport
 Barbados Danielle Bishop 21 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Bridgetown
 Belarus Lyudmila Yakimovich 22 1.72 m (5 ft 7 12 in) Hrodna
 Belgium Cilou Annys 19 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Bruges
 Belize Jessel Lauriano 22 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) Belize City

National pageant notes-

 Returning countries and territories-

  • Last competed in 1988:
    •  St. Kitts & Nevis
  • Last competed in 1997:
    •  Cape Verde
    •  Macau China
  • Last competed in 2003:
    •  Lesotho
  • Last competed in 2005:
    •  Malawi
    •  United States Virgin Islands 
  • Last competed in 2008:
    •  Cayman Islands
    •  St. Lucia


  •  Austria
  •  Chinese Taipei
  •  Dominican Republic
  •  Liberia's entry to Miss World 2010 has been removed from the official Miss World website due to undisclosed reasons. Liberia will not compete in Miss World 2010 as Miss Liberia pageant is not scheduled to be held this year.
  •  Slovenia
  •  Swaziland will not compete in Miss World 2010 as the contest has been rescheduled to October. On the other hand, Miss Swaziland committee is fighting a legal battle with Swaziland National Culture and Arts Council over the ban on beauty pageants imposed earlier this year.


  •  Argentina: Carla Conrradi resigned as Miss Mundo Argentina. The 1st runner up, Marianna Arambarry will be the new titleholder and Argentina's representative at Miss World 2010.
  •  Hong Kong China: Due to a schedule conflict of competing in Miss Chinese International, Toby Chan, Winner of Miss Hong Kong 2010, cannot participate in the competition. The 1st runner up, Sammi Cheung will be the representative at Miss World 2010.
  •  Hungary: Ágnes Dobó was Miss World Hungary 2010 until she injured her arm and wrist. This stopped her from participating in the pageant. She was replaced by one of her runners-up, Jennifer Kalo.

 Did not compete-

  •  Austria - Valentina Schlager
  •  Azerbaijan - Gulnara Alimuradova
  •  Bonaire - Benazir Charles
  •  Cameroon - Marie Barbara Matagnigni
  •  Dominican Republic - Elizabeth Turra
  •  Fiji - Mourhrna Reddy
  •  Haiti - Sarodj Bertin
  •  Madagascar - Alexandra Randrianarivelo
  •  Nicaragua - Jennifer Cuadra
  •  Rwanda - Grace Bahati
  •  Slovenia - Sandra Adam


Contestants who previously competed at other beauty pageants or are expected to:

Alexandria Mills, Miss America crowned Miss World 2010-

Miss Universe 2011-
  •  Cayman Islands: Cristin Alexander
  •  Namibia: Odile Gertze
Miss Universe 2010-
  •  South Africa: Nicole Flint (Top 10 finalist)
  •  Belgium: Cilou Annys (Top 15 semifinalist)
  •  Bahamas: Braneka Basset
  •  Kazakhstan: Asselina Kuchukova
  •  Lebanon: Rahaf Abdallah
  •  Mauritius: Dalysha Doorga
  •  Netherlands: Desirée van den Berg
  •  Turkey: Gizem Memiç
Miss Universe 2009-
  •  Curaçao: Angenie Simon
Miss Universe 2008-
  •  Norway: Mariann Birkedal
Miss Earth 2008-
  •  Canada: Denise Garrido
Miss Earth 2005-
  •  Mongolia: Sarnai Amar
Miss Intercontinental 2009-
  •  Ethiopia: Hiwot Assefa Tesfaye (Top 15)

Miss Tourism International 2008-
  •  India: Manasvi Mamgai (Winner)
World Miss University 2008-
  •  Mongolia: Sarnai Amar (Winner)
Reina Hispanoamericana 2010-
  •  Ecuador: Ana Galarza
  •  Paraguay: Egni Eckert
  •  Peru: Alexandra Liao
Reina Hispanoamericana 2009-
  •  Venezuela: Adriana Vasini (Winner)
Miss Latin America 2009-
  •  Canada: Denise Garrido (3rd runner-up)
Elite Model Look India 2006-
  •  India: Manasvi Mamgai (Winner)
Nuestra Belleza Latina 2007-
  •  Puerto Rico: Yara Lasanta (2nd runner-up)
Miss Teen International 2001-
  •  Puerto Rico: Yara Lasanta (Winner)
Reina de Ambato
  •  Ecuador: Ana Galarza (Winner)

Miss US Alexandria Mills, dressed in a crisp white evening gown, was crowned the 60th Miss World 2010 on Saturday evening in China's Sanya city. Miss Botswana Emma Wareus, dressed in a yellow gown, was named the first runner-up while Miss Venezuela Adriana Vasini was named the second runner-up. 

Indian beauty Manasvi Mamgai, who even failed to find a place in the top 20, danced to the classical number Dhai shyam rok lai from the 2002 film Devdas. The 22-year-old was dressed in a traditional Indian attire.

The gala-event kicked off with a traditional Chinese dance, followed by the introduction of the 120 contestants from across the globe. The contestants set the stage on fire with an aptly titled act "Dances of the World".

Kaiane Aldorino – Miss World for 2009, Gibraltar

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Ksenia Sukhinova – Miss World for 2008, Russia

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Zhang Zilin – Miss World for 2007, China

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Tatana Kucharova – Miss World for 2006, Czech Republic

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir – Miss World for 2005, Iceland

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Maria Julia Mantilla – Miss World for 2004, Peru

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Rosanna Diane Davison – Miss World for 2003, Ireland

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Azra Akin – Miss World for 2002, Turkey

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Agbani Darego – Miss World for 2001, Nigeria

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Priyanka Chopra – Miss World for 2000, India

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Yukta Mookhey – Miss World for 1999, India

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Linor Abargil – Miss World for 1998, Israel

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Diana Hayden – Miss World for 1997, India

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Irene Skliva – Miss World for 1996, Greece

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Jacqueline Aguilera – Miss World for 1995, Venezuela

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Aishwarya Rai – Miss World for 1994, India

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Lisa Hanna – Miss World for 1993, Jamaica

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Julia Alexandrovna Kourotchkina – Miss World for 1992, Russia

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Ninibeth Beatriz Leal Jimenez – Miss World for 1991, Venezuela

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)

Gina Marie Tolleson – Miss World for 1990, United States

Last 20 Miss World Winners (20 pics)
Do you think that the standards of beauty have changed in the last 20 years?

Do you like it?

The Miss World is a famous international beauty pageant. Let’s take a look at the last 20 winners of this contest. Each beauty-winner spent a year traveling around the world and representing the Miss World Organization. All girls are gorgeous and unique!

Miss world is the oldest and most prestigious international beauty pageant, introduced in 1951 by Eric Morley. It was first held as 'Festival Bikinis Contest' on 29th of July at the Lyceum Theater, London U. K. The motive behind the program was to honor, promote and cash the popular swim suit wear at the time. Out of the 26 very beautiful contestants who participated, twenty two year old Kiki Hakansson from Sweden won the pageant, she was prized £1,000 and a pearl necklace along with the Miss World title. This bikini contest was decided to be conducted as a onetime event, but with the proposal of Miss Universe pageant from the next year on, Morley decided to make the miss world an annual event.

After the fist contest, the bikinis were replaced by modest swimsuit and Kiki Hakansson became the first and the last person to be crowned in a bikini. The miss world for the next two decades was crowned in swim suit. With the advent of television, the popularity of the miss world contest rose and today it has with over 2.5 billion viewers every year. In the period from 1959 to 1979, the BBC broadcasted the event and after that, from1980 to 1988 Thames television took over the broadcast of the event. Today the program is broadcasted live and it is one of the most watched programs along with the Cricket World Cup and the Olympics.

In the year 1966, Reita Feria became the first Indian and the first Asian to be crowned Miss World. Twenty eight years later in the year 1994, India got the title a second time when the beautiful Indian model with olive green eyes, Aishwarya Rai who was also awarded the Miss Photogenic of the year, was crowned at the Sun City. That year was lucky for India; the 19 year old tall and slim Susmitha Sen from India got crowned as the 1994 Miss Universe. We can also say it was a lucky start as in the seven years from 1994; four Indian beauties won the Miss World pageant. The 46th Miss World 1996 was conducted on November 23 at Bangalore, India.

In 1970, on the twentieth Miss World contest, for the first time in Miss World history, two black women topped the contest when Jennifer Histen from Grenada swept the title and Pearl Jansen from South Africa became the first runner up. Miss Agbani Darego, an 18 year old Nigerian computer science student and the fist miss world of the century is also the first African to win the title.

In the year 1980, Julia Morley, Eric Morley's wife who became the chairwoman of the Miss World Organization after the death of her husband in the year 2000, coined the slogan "Beauty with a purpose" for the Miss World contest. The key objective of this is to raise fund for a worthy cause. Ever since then over $400 million USD have been increased in its name in the view of children's charities around the world. Among the recipient of the fund raiser are the Nelson Mandela Trust, Canada Cops for Cancer and SOS Children's Village. From that year the test of intelligence and personality was also taken into account during the contest, and inner beauty and brains also was considered to add to the beauty of a woman.

The last miss world contest was held at Johannesburg, South Africa on December 12 2009. One hundred twelve very beautiful women from different countries took part in the contest and 23 year old Kaine Aldorio of Gibraltar won the title. She was crowned by the Miss World 2008, Ksenia Sukinova of Russia at the event. This year, the Miss World content is planned to be held at Vietnam in the month of October or November. One twenty beautiful ladies representing different countries will participate in the Miss World 2010 at the end of this year.

Today the miss world competition is a very prestigious event and the most beautiful woman who takes the crown gets a cash prize and loads of beauty items, dresses and accessories. The viewers also can get their share of judgment as they get a chance to vote for their favorite contestant through internet before the main event.

The Miss World title goes to the woman who is both beautiful and intelligent. Inner beauty and personality is also taken into account while choosing a winner. From 2003, the contest conducts a fast track events in the preliminaries to choose Beach Beauty, Miss Sports, Miss Talent and Beauty with a Purpose, and the winner to these titles are automatically qualified to enter the final round.

The champion of the miss world competition spends a year on traveling Miss World organization to represent and for different reasons. Aside from raising millions of pounds for the cause of charity, it has also increased the tourism in different host countries like, Sanya in China. Indeed Miss World contest has the best suited motto "Beauty with a Purpose."

Miss World Beach Beauty Winners

Year Winner Country Placement at Miss World
2003 Rosanna Davison Ireland Miss World 2003
2004 Nancy Randall United States 2nd Runner-up
2005 Yulia Ivanova Russia Semifinalist
2006 Federica Guzmán Venezuela Semifinalist
2007 Ada de la Cruz Dominican Republic Semifinalist
2008 Anagabriela Espinoza Mexico Semifinalist
2009 Kaiane Aldorino Gibraltar Miss World 2009

Miss World Talent Winners

Year Winner Country Placement at Miss World
2001 Stephanie Chase Barbados
2002 Rebekah Revels United States Finalist
2003 Irina Onashvili Georgia Semifinalist
2004 Shermain Jeremy Antigua Semifinalist
2005 Kmisha Counts American Virgin Islands Semifinalist
2006 Catherine Jean Milligan Northern Ireland Semifinalist
2007 Irene Dwomoh Ghana Semifinalist
2008 Natalie Griffith Barbados Semifinalist
2009 Lena Ma
Mariatu Kargbo Canada
Sierra Leone Semifinalist

Miss World Sports


Winner Country Placement at Miss World
Nazanin Afshin-Jam Canada 1st Runner-up

* 1st Runner-up: Lucie Vachova (Czech Republic)
* 2nd Runner-up: Patricia Filomena Chifor (Romania)


Winner Country Placement at Miss World
Amy Guy Wales 14th Runner-up

* 1st Runner-up: Sarah Davies (Australia) 5th Runner-up
* 2nd Runner-up: TIE
o María Julia "Maju" Mantilla (Peru) Miss World 2004
o Kenisha Thom (Trinidad & Tobago) 6th Runner-up
* Top 10 Semi-finalists:

o Shermain Sunja Jeremy (Antigua & Barbuda) Miss Talent & 7th Runner-Up
o Aishwarya Sukhdeo (Fiji)
o Hugrun Hardardottir (Iceland)
o Miranda Slabber (Netherlands)
o Tatyana Sidorchuk (Russia) 11th Runner-up
o Dulaya Pralangisait (Thailand)


Continental Group Winner Asia Pacific

* 1st Runner-up: Caribbean
* 2nd Runner-up: Southern Europe


Winner Country Placement at Miss World
Malgosia Majewska Canada Semifinalist

* 1st Runner-up: Thebyam Carrion Alvarez (Puerto Rico) Semifinalist
* 2nd Runner-up: Liga Meinarte (Latvia) Top 24 Semi-finalists:

o (Botswana)
o (Cayman Islands)
o (Finland)
o (Guatemala)
o (Hungary)
o (Indonesia)
o (Italy)
o (Japan)
o (Kazakhstan)
o (Korea)
o (Martinique)

o (Mexico) Semifinalist
o (Mongolia)
o (Montenegro)
o (Namibia) Semifinalist
o (Russia)
o (Slovakia)
o (South Africa)
o (Trinidad & Tobago)
o (United States)
o (Zambia)


Winner Country Placement at Miss World
Abigail "Abby" McCary United States Semifinalist

* 1st Runner-up: Nieve Jennings (Scotland)
* 2nd Runner-up: Annie Oliv (Sweden) Finalist
* 3rd Runner-up: Kelly-Louise Pesticcio (Wales)


Winner Country Placement at Miss World
Alexandra Ívarsdóttir Iceland Semifinalist

* 1st Runner-up: Adaeze Igwe (Nigeria)
* 2nd Runner-up: Andréia Rodrigues (Portugal)

* Top 6 Finalists:

o Angeliki Kalaitzi (Greece)
o Tamar Ziskind (Israel)
o Annmarie Dehainaut (Peru)


Winner Country Placement at Miss World
Erusa Sasaki Japan Semifinalist

* 1st Runner-up: Kerrie Baylis (Jamaica)
* 2nd Runner-up: Orsolya Serdült (Hungary)

* Top 6 Finalists:

o Pooja Chopra (India)
o Ieva Lase (Latvia)
o María Milagros Véliz (Venezuela)

* Top 12 Semifinalists:

o Sophie Lavers (Australia)
o Kaiane Aldorino (Gibraltar)
o Jennifer Colon (Puerto Rico)
o Mariatu Kargbo (Sierra Leone)
o Ashanna Arthur (Trinidad & Tobago)
o Claudia Vanrell (Uruguay)

Beauty With A Purpose

Year Winner Country Placement at Miss World
2001 Piarella Peralta Costa Rica
2002 Nozipho Shabangu Swaziland
2003 Denisa Kola Albania
2004 Tonoya Anne Toyloy Jamaica
2005 Eun Young Oh Korea Finalist
2006 Lamisi Mbillah Ghana Semifinalist
2007 Valeska Saab Ecuador Semifinalist
Kayi Cheung Hong Kong China Semifinalist
2008 Gabrielle Walcott Trinidad and Tobago 2nd Runner Up
2009 Pooja Chopra Indai Semifinalist

Miss World Top Model

Year Winner Country Placement at MW
2004 Yessica Ramírez Mexico Semi-finalist
2007 Zhang Zilin China MISS WORLD 2007
2008 Ksenia Sukhinova Russia MISS WORLD 2008
2009 Perla Beltrán Mexico 1st Runner-up

Miss World 2010 Expected contestants-

May 21, 2010, 42 delegates have been selected.

Country Contestant Age Height
American Virgin Islands Shawntay Henry 18 - - Charlotte Amalie
Angola Ivanita Johnson 20 - - Zaire Province
Aruba Kimberly Kuiperi 21 172 5'7.5" Tanki Leendert
Austria Valentina Schlager 18 174 5'8" Klagenfurt
Bahamas Braneka Bassett 20 176 5'9.5" Freeport
Belarus Lyudmila Yakimovich 22 172 5'7.5" Hrodna
Belgium Cilou Annys 19 178 5'10 Bruges
Botswana Emma Wareus 19

Bulgaria Romina Andonova 21 176 5'9.5" Sofia
Canada Denise Garrido 23 176 5'9.5" Bradford
Cape Verde Joceline Fortes 22 - - São Vicente
Costa Rica Dayana Aguilera 19 175 5'9" Palmares
Czech Republic Veronika Machová 19 178 5'10" Rokycany
Ecuador Ana Galarza 20 173 5'8" Ambato
France Malika Ménard 22 176 5'9.5" Caen
Ghana Mimi Areme 20 173 5'8" Volta
Guatemala Ana Lucía Mazariegos 19 177 5'10" Antigua Guatemala
Haiti Sarodj Bertin 24 175 5'9" Port-au-Prince
Hungary Ágnes Dobó 22 170 5'7" Debrecen
Iceland Fanney Ingvarsdóttir 19 175 5'9" Garðabær
India Manasvi Mamgai 22 175 5'9" New Delhi
Israel Shavit Wiesel 20 180 5'11" Be'eri
Japan Hiroko Matsunaga 18 171 5'7" Fukuoka
Kazakhstan Symbat Madyarova 18 173 5'8" Almaty
Latvia Ludmila Voroncova 19 - -
Luxembourg Shari Thuyns 19 - - Mamer
Malawi Ella Kabambe 22 - - Chanco
Martinique Tully Fremcourt 19 172 5'7.5" La Trinité
Mauritius Dalysha Doorga 22 173 5'8" Goodlands
Mexico Anabel Solís 22 180 5'11" Mérida
New Zealand Cody Yerkovich 18 182 5'11.5" Kaitaia
Nigeria Fiona Amuzie Afora

Peru Alexandra Liao 19 178 5'10" Lima
Philippines Czarina Gatbonton 19 170 5'7" Malolos
Russia Irina Antonenko 18 178 5'10" Yekaterinburg
Rwanda Grace Bahati 18 176 5'9.5" Nyanza
Slovakia Marína Georgievová 18 173 5'8" Banská Bystrica
South Africa Nicole Flint 22 172 5'7.5" Pretoria
Turkey Gizem Memiç 19 178 5'8" Gaziantep
Uruguay Eliana Olivera 22 175 5'9" Montevideo
Venezuela Adriana Vasini 22 178 5'10" Maracaibo
Zimbabwe Samantha Tshuma 21 - - Bulawayo

Sanya Sights --- Northern Ireland is 2010 Miss World Sports Woman --- Miss World Sportswoman 2010 --- Golf Day --- Beach Beauty Final --- Nanshan Temple ..

Crowne Plaza Sanya announces the welcoming for October of the 120 Miss World 2010 contestants as the resort complex has been awarded the naming rights.

William Hill have slashed the price of Miss Norway winning the 2010 Miss World Title from 20/1 to 3/1 following a monster gamble today.  

The 2010 Pageant » Meet The Contestants ... Website Development: Interlinc Communications - Official Technology Partners to Miss Jamaica World.

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